Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Head Trauma #1: The New House on the Left, aka Night Train Murders

One of the things I'm learning from more prolific and pithy bloggers (Stacie Ponder of Final Girl and Jason Adams at My New Plaid Pants, in particular) is that to be more prolific, you must be more pithy.

So I'm introducing a new quickie series called "Head Trauma" documenting scenes that (as Stacie Ponder herself might say) "broke my brain" as a yung'un.

"Night Train Murders" was an Italian rip-off of "The Last House on the Left" that was billed in the US as "The New House on the Left" ... clever, eh? It takes place on the notorious overnight train to Rome and involves rape, humiliation and murder. (Years after seeing this grindhouse shocker, your humble narrator was groped on said overnight train to Rome by some sweaty Mario Brothers-looking futhermucker. Coincidence?!?!? yeah, most likely....).

In the scene in question, a young girl gets ... well ... I can't actually type it out. It's still disturbing to this day. If you have to know, here is a link to the description of the whole nasty affair.

For the purposes of this pithy post, here are a few images that haunt me to this day...

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