Friday, June 18, 2010

Hideous LInky

So ... am I busy, lazy or just a Capital L Loser? I'm busy dammit! I swear -- I got stuff going on! What kind of stuff? You know -- stuff stuff. Hopefully one day I can even tell you about it all and you'll all be like "Wow!That's some stuff!".

But for now, alls I got is some hot links --

Male Bonding: Pax over at Billy Loves Stu plumbs the interracial gaysexiness of Dawn of the Dead. Pax is the bloodhound of horror gay subtext and for that I am profoundly grateful.

The Wiggles: Deadly Doll's House reviews Squirm -- one of my personal favorite Animals Run Amok features.

Double Feature: Stacie over at Final Girl Ponders two movies I am dying to see -- [REC] 2 and Centurion.

So go see them! I swear it'll be worth your time. I'm not just pawning you off on my more prolific blogger brethren. OK maybe I am ...

Don't hate me...

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