Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Final Girl Nirvana

Though Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis' comedy You Again did not open to such hot reviews or box office (my boyfriend, connoisseur of chick flicks that he is ... loved it), it did present us with the following horrorgasm inducing interview clip wherein the final girls from Halloween and Alien riff about which movie is scarier. I need a cigarette...


  1. Seriously. we went around in my women's church group and everyone talked about their favorite movies. EVERYONE WAS ALL LIKE, I LIKE ROMANTIC COMEDIES . . . CHICK FLICKS ARE THE BEST . . . I LOVED THE NOTE BOOK....

    and i'm all like

    Shawn of the Dead. Let the right one in. Anyone hear of Ponty Pool . . anyone . . . anyone?

    Alas, I was the minority in that little discussion.

  2. Jamie Lee Curits is throwing some defensive body posture doncha think?