Thursday, November 11, 2010

Meet Ze Monsta....

Postings have been few and far between lately, because ... er ... stuff. Yeah, lame. I know. Full time job. And this ... other project. The one I told you about before.

So it's time for another hint. It's a movie. One I wrote. And it's been optioned by producers who want to make the damn thing.

That's all I will say. I'm absolutely superstitious. Lots of people option screenplays that never get made. Blah, blah. I don't want to be overly optimistic or negative. I like to ride that middle ground between hope and despair, which means I guess I'm pretty much numb most of the time or something. Kind of like sistafriend here....

Anywho, just thought I'd share a few bits from my fantasy soundtrack for my movie. These are the songs that in my biggest, wettest, gayest dreams, would be blasting from the theater speakers while the movie plays ... to packed houses ... of faithful fans ... returning for their fifth viewing ... dressed as their favorite character...

OK, got a little carried away there. So, without further adieu, my fantasy soundtrack...

You may have noticed a theme.

OK, that's all for now. I probably just jinxed everything to hell....


  1. The unrepented rage of PJ Harvey-excellent choice.

    I hope this all works out. But I didn't say that outloud-no jinxing! :)

    P.s. Mr. Hall in uniform over @ Mrs. Hall.

    Yer welcome :)

  2. Oooh, I knew it was going to be exciting! I'm so thrilled for you. I do hope it all works out, please keep us informed. Excellent soundtrack choices too.

  3. Lick my legs, TrG, I'm on fire! Just looked at your pic in the happy post you linked to this. And I'm a man.