Thursday, May 6, 2010

She likes me ... she really likes me...

Hey look at me ... Stacie Ponder interviewed me about my horror blog from her much more popular horror blog, Final Girl ... it's like the scene in Grease where no-nonsense alpha-dog Rizzo finally accepts Sandy as one of the Pink Ladies ... just before she dresses her up as a hosebag so people will like her ... that's me ... right now ... because of this ...


  1. Awesome! You rock!!! I feel obliged to point out you rocked before you started metaphorically dressing a hosebag. I'm not just in this for the tight spandex pants.

  2. Ya know, Stacie's blogger pieces are actually useful as well as entertaining, i.e. they led me to your blog. Great stuff here, Tim. And have I got my own "It's Alive" story... not sure if it's what made me gay or, not, but it sure introduced me to killer mutant babies! Looking forward to reading more...

  3. Jinx: What do mean "metaphorically"? ;)

    Dave: Glad you found me vis-a-vis the six degrees of Stacie Ponder. :)