Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hideous Linky

These are a few of my favorite things around the blogosphere:

Party Down: Billy Loves Stu reminds us of the horrors of Looking for Mr. Goodbar. Surprisingly not mentioned or shown is the loveliness that is Tom Berenger circa 1977 . This I rectify below. Even in coked up drag-queen mode you know you would would so hit that.

Nice Piece of Kick-Ass: Jason over at My New Plaid pants continues to speak my secret thoughts with his spot-on review of Kick Ass (summation: Calm down nerds, not so great). Because he is a giver and never misses the chance to exploit the flesh of the residents of the Pretty-sphere, he also points out that the supposedly geeky actor who plays Kick-Ass is actually a hot piece in disguise.

Are You My Mother? Reminding us why we should have sympathy for those who ship their adopted brats back to Mother Russia, Scare Sarah explores the delights of last year's wonderfully campy Orphan.

Celluloid Saviors: Arbogast rounds up all the contributors (myself included) to his "One I Would Have Saved" blog challenge. Some worthy choices.

Bad Luck: Friday the 13th Part 2 is shelved. I have mixed feelings about it. After initially loving up on the much hated 2009 remake, I recently re-watched and realized that it was pretty much a turd with hateable characters doing non-sensical things and deserving whatever punishment Jason had to dish out.

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