Monday, August 23, 2010

The Exorcist - Scenes with Linda Blair's voice as the demon

Thanks to King Joe the Wicked at Paracinema for posting this fascinating snippet. An industrious Youtuber has re-edited scenes from the Exorcist using Linda Blair's original voice, instead of the dubbed over Mercedes McCambridge voice.

Embedded player is disabled, so you will probably have to click here:

Really shows you what an amazing job the young actress did in a demanding role. It's unfortunate that the sequel (one of my favorite bad movies of all time) pretty much ruined her career thanks to scenes like this ...

And this ...

And of course, this ...


  1. The scenes from The Exorcist using Linda Blair's original vocal performance are fascinating!
    In some ways they are even more disturbing - more real....

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    just letting you know, seeing as how you are a fan. Is it wrong to pimp out my husband for blog traffic? Well, if it's wrong . . I don't wanna be right ;)!