Friday, April 16, 2010

The Cradle Will Rock...

Mother's Day (1980) was a grindhouse rip-off of grindhouse classic Last House on the Left starring the whacked out Rose Ross as Mother - a woman who liked to direct her deranged inbred sons to do bad things to girls she met at Est-like meetings.

I gave my two cents on it back in the day.

Now they are remaking the movie. Will it turn out to be largely an improvement over the flawed source material (like Last House on the Left) or will it be a complete abortion (like Prom Night)?

New pictures of Rebecca de Mornay as Mother have surfaced over at Bloody Disgusting.

It looks to me like Mother has been transformed from a whacked out tea-bagger paranoid redneck of 1980 into an anal-retentive, TMJ-afflicted GOP pundit of 2010.

I love me some DeMornay, but excited about these pictures, I am not. What do you think?

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