Tuesday, July 27, 2010

GWM, over 30, blond, blue eyes, horror geek, 5'11", 165, Versatile

I am very lucky, albeit lazy, blogger. On a week when my blogging output was lower than Glenn Beck's IQ, two fantabulous bloggers (Totally Jinxed and The Spooky Vegan) have given me The Versatile Blogger Award. See it in all of it's green loveliness below:

So first of all THANK YOU to these talented bloggers for giving me this honor on a week that I felt I really didn't deserve it. It even made Glenn Beck cry when he heard it ... either that or he poked himself in the eye with his sippy cup ...

But now, I must earn it for there be rules attached to said award. Sees them below...

The rules attached to this award are:
• Thank the person who gave it to you (Thanks again, Jinx and Spooky!!)
• Share 7 things about yourself.
• Pass the award along to 15 who you have recently discovered and who you think fantastic for whatever reason.
• Contact the blogs you picked and let them know about the award.

7 Things About Myself:
1) One of my favorite movies is "Joe Versus the Volcano" (I know, but it's seriously a hidden gem and Meg Ryan's best work ... no, I'm serious ... where are you going?)
2) I have an incredibly low threshhold for pain.
3) I'm friends with someone who does those celebutard "body language" interpretations on the TV, which I think is fucking hysterical.
4) I'm also Facebook friends with the guy that wrote Friday the 13th (the original), which makes me love both the Internet and America a little bit more.
5) My cat is named "Ripley" after Ellen Ripley in Alien.
6) I once went on a date with someone who was on the 80s sitcom Head of the Class.
7) I have an almost unnatural fear of imposing rules on others (this will be important later!)
8) I sleep in separate beds.
9) I can't count.

Bloggers that J'Adore:
Like I said, I have a weird aversion to imposing rules on people (see #7 above), and clearly this post proves I have some difficulty following them as well. I know at this point you are probably thinking "Save it hippie", but it's the truth.

But I would like to give some love (and the award) to the following bloggers who are just a bunch of smart coolheads that you should check out. First to the bloggers that gave me this award.

Jinx at Totally Jinxed will just riff on whatever catches her fancy (beards, Ron Perlman, and being David Bowie in Labyrinth) or do an in-depth movie review of a movie I had no idea exists. My Netflix queue grows exponentially just by virtue of her being in my Google Reader. She also seems like an extremely nice person with extremely red hair. And she has a stuffed pirahna. You gotta give it up for girlfriend.

The Spooky Vegan loves Halloween and who doesn't love someone who loves Halloween? She mixes up her Halloween fetishism with handy recipes for those who don't dig the taste of cow mucus and muscle tissue. I can seriously say it is the only place on the internet that will provide an "I Spit on Your Grave" review and a Tuscan Bread Summer Salad recipe in the same week. I know, right? You so want to be her friend.

And here are a list of other bloggers that I think are worthy of the title (in no particular order) and why ...

- the jaded viewer (because he fucking swears alot and I fucking love that.)

- Day of the Woman (because she's like the kid sister I never had ... ok at this point in my life, she could be my daughter ... just don't try to steal her signature "Peace, Love, Brains" sign off, cuz' she will cut a bitch...)

- My New Plaid Pants (I just assume everyone already reads this ... and if you aren't ... why not? Jason Adams is smart, freakin' hysterical and totally mo's out at the sight of Jake Gyllenhall ... or Ryan Reynolds ... or ... well, you get the picture.)

- Billy Loves Stu (Gay horror blogger extraordinaire Pax Romano serves up lots of juicy horror homo tidbits ... I only wish he'd change that darn font color ... )

- Final Girl (because Stacie Ponder is the queen mother of all horror bloggers and has a wit so dry, you need an IV drip)

- Mrs. Hall (because she does starkly confessional blogging, digging down into her human suffering without the predictable ironic distance of most of the blogosphere ... and then will gush about how that Jason Stackhouse - that lean, mean sex machine of True Blood - makes her ladyparts smile. How can you not love?)

- Rick Rossovitch (ok, this guy almost never blogs and each entry has exactly one tag: "stream of consciousness," but I have been obsessed with Mr. Rossivitch since the 80s when he looked like this ...
... to the 90s when he shot his TV show Pacific Blue outside of my house in Venice and fed all my silver fox daddy fantasies while looking like this ...

... and has since apparently retired to work on his house in Ojai and do some random blogging about incredibly random things while looking, er, like this ...
(I would still so be his little mini fire truck, that's alls I'm sayin.)

OK, so Rick doesn't deserve the award, but I've never figured out a proper place to vent my obsession with Mr. Rossovich. So here 'tis. Plus his blog is fascinating in a post-celebrity freak out kind of way.

So, I know that was just 9 and I'm breaking the rules and junk, but please go check out these folks and follow their blogs. It will make you a better person and more people will want to have sex with you just for doing it.

Peace, Love and ... er ... that's all, just Peace and Love...


  1. Tim, I just adore you! Those are some damn fine fun facts and I'm off to check out these marvellous blogs immediately. Also, my little paragraph there is categorically the best thing I have ever heard about myself, I love it so much. Thank you so much, you delicious creature, you.

  2. AWWW!!!

    (blushes) that's so awesome!

    (blushes) you came to my blog!!! (awww!!!) and got some Mrs. Hall love! (this makes me happy happy happy!! :)

    so yeah, which one was it? I would totally have dated Robin givens!! cause dude-that would be a miserable date. She seems so tight and serious and has wee abs of steel. She seems absolutely humorless. I mean, does she NOT get the irony of dating Mike Tyson??!! It would be a miserable date to be on. But I totally would go . .she scares me in the bestest way. :)

    so yeah



  3. Not Robin ... I'll give you a hint ... the person is in this photo and it is not Robin Givens or Howard Hessman...


  4. Awwww thanks for the sweet words! ::blushes::

    I love, love, love your blog and always look forward to your posts! :)

    Stay spooky!!

  5. awww!! you're a follower now!!

    noone can resist the Mrs. Hall! mhhwaaa haa haa!!

    and it was totally the one in the vest. that's who you dated.

  6. who is the light blue tight shirted silver daddy? What is his name?