Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves: The Viscera Film Festival

Post-Mortem Depression is one of the sponsors (through a modest donation, mind you) of an awesome event in Downtown LA this weekend: THE VISCERA FILM FESTIVAL. If you are in the area and do not have per-existing plans (sadly yours truly does ... cue the loser sound ... WAHWAAAAH!), then you should go check it out:

$15 measly dollars for 35 short films. Plus an after party where you get to hang out with cool filmmakers like Shannon Lark, Stacie Ponder, and Jen and Sylvia Soska (and discuss why I'm such a loser having pre-existing plans during such a cool happening).

So, please go. Because a woman's place is in the director's chair ... not just in front of the camera getting chased by the oogely-boogelys....

Here's the lineup:

4 pm:
Special guests and filmmakers take center stage on the bloody carpet to discuss with Press about their projects and the women in film movement.
4:45 pm:
Shannon Lark and Heidi Martinuzzi introduce the festival. Amber Benson, escorted by Jeff Dylan Graham, presents the Comedic Program.
Drones (Trailer)Amber Benson and Busch – 2:10 minutes
A man discovers a universal threat to his life, job and the planet.
Dead Hooker in a Trunk (Trailer) - Jen and Sylvia Soska – 1:17 minutes
Four unlikely friends discover a dead body in their trunk after a night of heavy partying. Unable to go to the police, they find themselves on the run from the police, the killer, and the devil himself.

Space Girls (Trailer) – Stacie Ponder – 1 minute
SPACE GIRLS is about…well, it’s about girls in space. They shoot ray guns, they fight big monsters, and they fly around in rocket ships.

Sprinkles (Trailer) - Roger A. Scheck and Brooke Lewis – 1:01 minutes
High-priced call girl Maura (Brooke Lewis) has a seemingly chance encounter with a client, Gary (Don Danielson), while on a business trip.

Movie Monster Insurance - Paula Haifley - 3:56 minutes
Isn’t it time you protected your family? Call 666-MONSTER to learn more about Movie Monster Insurance. Do it today. Do it for your family.

BRAINS – Shannon Lark and Amber Steele - 4.09 minutes
A parody of Kelly’s youtube sensation “SHOES.” She’s going to get what she wants!

Confederate Zombie Massacre - Devi Snively - 16:04 minutes
It’s love and gore in the Civil War!

Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day - Faye Hoerauf & Jessica Baxter - 13:33 minutes
When an unexpected snowstorm strikes Seattle, the dead rise from their graves to prey on the city’s helpless citizens. From the confines of their living room, a group of unlikely heroes emerge to stop the flesh-hungry hordes, only to discover that zombies aren’t the only evil they are up against.

Barbee Butcher - Sophie Lagues - :25 seconds
A greenish clay creature cuts a Barbie doll into pieces with the aim of turning itself into a femme fatale … but with unexpected results!

I Spit on Eli Roth - Devi Snively - 5:04 minutes
A cautionary tale about what happens to men who underestimate women in the horror genre.
Heading Home - Jane Rose - 10:30 minutes
Marie knows that terrible things are afoot in her husband’s lab: strange sounds come from behind the door; the butcher brings grotesque deliveries to their house; children are disappearing from town. But will her decision to interfere in Edward’s macabre research unleash an even greater horror?

Taste of Flesh, Taste of Fear - Stacie Ponder - 9:56 minutes
The only thing that could possibly be better than a B-grade lesbian vampire movie is a B-grade lesbian vampire movie made with Dollar Store knockoff Barbie Dolls!

15 minute intermission

Cerina Vincent, escorted by A.J. Bowen, presents the Experimental/Psychological Program.
Ludlow Trailer – Stacie Ponder – :60 minutes
An abused young woman flees her boyfriend in the desert, where she tries to make sense of contradictory memories, experiences, and hallucinations.

The Commune Trailer - Lis Fies - 1:43 minutes
A young virgin finds herself isolated in a remote commune of religious “family” members with a sinister agenda to ensure their supernatural survival.

I’m a Little TeapotSallie Smith - 21 seconds
Explores the connection between childhood memories and the realization of sudden death.
Distraught - Brenda Fies - 5:38 minutes
Fame has its price.
Hollywood Skin - Maude Michaud - 10 minutes
A young woman moves to Hollywood with the hopes of becoming an actress, but slowly descends into madness as she keep accumulating rejections.

Mary Jane Go Round - Ginnetta Correli - 4:21 minutes
Based on the novella called the Lost Episodes of Beatie Scareli.

When Sally Met Frank - Victoria Waghorn - 9 minutes
A satirical love story of women’s obsession with the beauty myth and a fun commentary on our society’s increased desire for homogenization of the masses.

Lip Stick - Shannon Lark and Stacie Ponder - 10:34 minutes
A lonely woman with an overwhelming obsession of masturbation and self deprecation must extricate herself from what consumes her every moment.
Sisters - Belinda Green-Smith - 4:07 minutes
Two Sisters hiking in the woods fall in a vast underground cavern and soon discover they are not alone.

The Date - Jennifer Gigantino and Natasia Schibinger - 2:55 minutes
A blind date goes terribly wrong.

Salome’s Picnic - Victoria Waghorn - 1:00 minute
A passionate couple lie beyond, entwined in a deep embrace, doing what lovers do. Or do they?

Fantasy - Izabel Grondin - 15:09 minutes
Marc and Chantal have nothing in common but for a peculiar fantasy. Tonight they meet for the first time.

Beautiful As You Are - Doug Mallette and Mary Katherine Sisco - 6:10 minutes
A long time TV addict finds his mate.

15 minute intermission

Brea Grant, escorted by Paul Solet, presents the Scary Program.

Legend of the Red Reaper (Trailer) - Jose Zambrano Cassella, Matt Dean, Tara Cardinal - 1.42 minutes
For a thousand years, the Reapers guarded mankind from the demons that wait in the dark. Now, at the beginning of a new age, the Reapers are betrayed and slaughtered. Only one Reaper remains – Red, and she’s out to exact revenge.
Side Effect - Liz Adams - 13 minutes
A blood-curdling tale of science gone wrong in a pill-popping culture where the cure is more deadly than the disease.

The Resurrectionist - Susan Bell - 14:45 minutes
Terrorized by supernatural happenings, Fredrick is at the mercy of an angry ghost as it reveals its chilling story. And the nightmare won’t stop until retribution is found.

17th Man - Yimeng Jin - 23:00 minutes
A dark-tale thriller about a best-selling author haunted by his fictitious femme fatale. When she comes to life after he tries to put an end to her in his final book “The 17th Man”… a psychological mind-game of deception ensues and only one can survive!

Don’t Lose Heart - Matt Mitchell and Talieysn Brown - 10:00 minutes
Lucy wants out, but all the zombies want to do is get in!

Mockingbird - Marichelle Daywalt - 1:40 minutes
Description: Sometimes the most terrifying things are heard, not seen

- Heidi Martinuzzi and Leslie Delano - 20 minutes
Jenny (Jaime Andrews) and her husband Eric (Joe Bob Briggs) sit at a diner eating a cheap meal of burgers, fries and chocolate cake. Through their everincreasing arguments and Jenny’s constant visits to the ladies room, the audience will start to learn how close to losing her sanity Jenny really is, and how oblivious Eric is when it comes to Jenny’s disorder.
Switch - Melanie Light - 4:14 minutes
A man on his drive home from work gets more than he bargains for when he follows a woman into the snowy woods.
Void - Meredith Berg - 20 minutes
Follow an FBI agent into the VOID as she enters a small town where a mysterious killer roams and strange phenomena abound. As her investigation deepens and desperate phone calls to her son go unanswered, she’ll come closer and closer to an inconceivable truth.

Consumed - Lis Fies - 6:20 minutes
Hero is her one and only, forever.

5 minute intermission for voting.
Filmmakers in attendence come up on stage for a 20-minute Q n A!


Viscera Statues will be given to attending Filmmakers.

Cerina Vincent, Brea Grant, and Amber Benson will give out the Awards in Best Direction, Best Cinematography, and Audience Favorite.

Afterparty on the roof till the bar closes!


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  2. @Spooky: Thank you! I'm blushing. All this and no post for weeks. I will be paying it forward once this hell week is over, I swears.

    Thanks so much. :)

  3. sigh...I never get to go to anything cool like the Viscera Film Festival...oh well, there's always next year.
    Dreaded Dreams
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