Friday, July 2, 2010

Hideous Linky

File this under "Things I should Love, but Don't" .... True Blood.

I know, I know. It's got gaysexiness up the wazoo and vampires and werewolves and all that. I know, I know. Bad gay horror geek.

Billy Loves Stu has a nice overview of the link between teh gay and teh vampire that is ages old.

It makes me feel even more guilty for having given up on it after Season 1. I don't even want to get into why I don't love it or why the last episode of season one made me throw up my hands and delete the Episode recording from my DVR.

It is the trifecta of horror, funny and gaysexiness and all the things that I should love.

But it goes down like ice cream, pickles and pizza to me. Things that I like separately, but when put all together ... not-so-much.

I want to love. I just can't. I have my reasons.


  1. ok look. I get it. Bill and Sookie are LAME. There is a incessant need to sex up the show even when it's not warranted or sexy.


    do yourself a favor.

    Watch the last 4 or 5 episodes of the last season. Because OH.MY.GAWD.


    because it get so GODDAMN WEIRD. SO BIZARRE. AND SO AWESOME. AND WELL . . two words:

    meat tree.

    there. I said it. now, if you don't watch it won't be because I didn't tell you.

  2. Unacceptable! You can't just just deliver this half-assed gripe and send us on our merry way... Well, okay, you CAN and kinda did but I'm not going anywhere until you divulge the reasons for your disdain.

    *tap tap tap*

    ... and I ain't got nuthin' but time.

    The show isn't brilliant television by any means. It is escapist fantasy so I do hope you're not looking too deeply. The gay sexiness? Um, more like gay meaniness; That little pic up top being a glaring example.

    Other than boasting a mostly attractive cast, I find nothing erotic about the sexin' and that's only in small part due to all the straight folks having it... I find the scenes a bit monotonous and unimaginative.

    However, there are plenty of great characters played by talented folks, (some downright swoon worthy - on both sides!) soap opera southern histrionics and head tilting WTF moments to keep things lively and moving.

    So, until I am satisfied with your decisions, or they spin-off Pam and Jessica, you're just going to have to trust Me and Mrs. Hall... (Hmmm, I smell sitcom!)

    Meat tree.

  3. I don't actually remember all the details because it has been a while, but I remember just thinking that they never followed the rules of the world that they set up, so I never really believed in the world.

    The idea of "vampire rights" equating to "gay rights" is clever (love the "God Hates Fangs" sign), but didn't go down so easy for me. Vampires are powerful and dangerous predators. Is a parallel argument being made that gays are powerful and dangerous predators? Bill is a good guy when he tries to suppress his longing for blood. Are gays good guys when they suppress their longing for cock? What is the message here?

    I also didn't buy the Bill-Sookie love affair. Too over-the-top. And Sookie got over her grandmother's death way too fast.

    I think the cast is great (esp. the African-American chef ... he is amazing) and the ideas are wild and interesting, but ... I don't know ... I see the seams...

    It feels like "Glee" to me. I'm so thoroughly entertained that I overlook all the wild inconsistencies in the world and the character motivations for a while ... but then it starts to bug me...

    And I know, everyone fucking loves Glee ... I even love Glee ... but can Sue really be that evil to high school kids and nice to her disabled sister? Not likely. Even Jane Lynch isn't that good.

    Of course the meat tree has me intrigued.

    And maybe I should just accept it as high camp and get over my damn self.

  4. meat tree and black eyed trailer trash orgies.

    that's all i'm saying.

  5. oh and one more thing.



    ok ok!! enough!!

    you've been told!!

  6. I have had the pleasure of running into mr. Stackhouse around LA. He is quite restful on my eyeballs and has a cute Aussie accent to boot.



    so jealous.. sooooOOOooo jealous.

    he does the vinyasa yoga!!

    so jealous!!