Saturday, October 1, 2016

The 2016 US Election is a Horror Movie and Hillary Clinton is Our Final Girl

Almost every horror movie has the same archetypes: the Maniac, the Mean Girl, the Dumb Jock, the Stoner, the Nerdy Guy, the Condescending Douche, the Small Town Gadfly (who tries to warn them about the danger ahead) and what Carol Clover referred to in her groundbreaking book Men, Women and Chainsaws as the Final Girl.
The Final Girl is not the sexy one, the outgoing one, the outlandish one, or the hard partying one. She is bookish, quiet, observant, maybe even a bit of a tomboy.

Jamie Lee Curtis

But she is also the only one with the strength, heart, grit, determination and ferocity to survive and kill the Maniac.